Got a Funny Friday Post Again

I haven’t had a lot of time to spend blogging, but I have put aside some stories to include for a Friday roundup and it is time to get them out there in the wild finally.  First story up is one that I have been holding on to for several weeks in fact.  It is about a kite surfer who went through a whole lot of trouble to try and get a realistic looking shot of someone “walking on water” without any camera trickery or CGI effects.  I will let you be the judge of how realistic it looks to you.  I wasn’t very impressed with the shot as much as I was intrigued with all of the stuff he had to go through just to get it.  I think even Peter had it easier than this.

On a completely different front, I ran across a blog that had an atheist review of a movie I hadn’t heard a thing about that was interesting all of the same.  Some of you may be familiar with the idea that Hypatia in ancient Alexandria was a “martyr for atheism.”  Apparently the notion was popularized by Carl Sagan and I will admit to having been ignorant of the whole thing.  Of course, it turns out that I hadn’t missed much anyway as the whole notion is bunk anyway.  This atheist blogger does a review of the film, called Agora, and spends a good deal of time debunking the atheist myth with hard facts only to be insulted and impugned in the comment thread by “irrational atheists” who prefer to cling to their mythology.  I found the whole thing very entertaining in a way and figured I would share the fun with those of you who might be interested.

There is a whole new reason being put forth for why we should combat global warming.  I don’t know if you have heard of it yet, but this is a biggie.  I might have to rethink my whole stand on AGW now.  If we don’t, the aliens may kill us all.  We seriously need to get these NASA folks back to work on some kind of manned spaceflight before they catch some kind of space madness or something.

Perhaps they could make bulletproof skin that is actually, you know, bulletproof, instead of merely bulletproof if it is hit by slower bullets.  Could these be the safer bullets we heard about all those years ago?


Finally, in political and media news, perhaps the reason that so many in the MSM have trouble remembering Ron Paul’s name is because he hasn’t written any books they like or things they can market on their website.  It does appear that Dr. Paul has a good sense of humor about the whole thing though.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling out there.

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