Sunday Morning Sermon for 12/11/11

We are back from vacation and excited to celebrate with our family in Christ here in Langdon.  This week’s message is taken from John 1 and deals with the Word of God made flesh.  There is a comment at the first of the sermon about the special music.  One of our Romanian families did the song, “Oh, How I Love Jesus.”  For the chorus the mom sang in Romanian as the son sang the words in English.  It was such a blessing.  I pray that you will be richly blessed through God’s Word as well.

Word Made Flesh

John 1:1-18

Sermon notes 12/11/11

  1. In the beginning

    1. Creation

    2. Light and life

    3. Word at work – Isaiah 55:9-11

      1. Fixed in heaven – Psalm 119:89

      2. Working on earth – Psalm 147:15; 107:17-22

  2. In the world

    1. Witnessed by men

    2. Hidden in plain sight – v. 10

    3. Believe and receive – Deuteronomy 9:23 (obedience)

  3. Inconceivable

    1. Dwelling with man – tabernacle

    2. Grace upon grace

      1. Torah

      2. Jesus

    3. Makes God known to us

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