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Sunday Morning Sermon for 1/29/12

We had a great time of worship in the Lord this Sunday.  We wrapped up our series looking at the jobs of a disciple by talking about what it means to make disciples.  We also participated in the Lord’s Supper together this week.  As always, the notes are available below the audio bar and you are invited to study further on your own.  Please feel free to leave comments as well if you have questions or would like to discuss anything further.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Being a Disciple

Sermon notes 1/29/12

  1. Four Jobs of a Disciple

    1. Memorize their teacher’s words – John 2:22; 15:20

    2. Learn the teacher’s traditions and interpretations– Luke 11:1

    3. Imitate their teacher’s actions – Luke 6:40

    4. To raise up disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

  2. To Raise Up Disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

    1. To make disciples you must first be a disciple

    2. Immersion/Baptism – Luke 6:46-49

    3. No picking and choosing – Matthew 5:17-20

    4. All Disciples are Jesus’ Disciples – Matthew 23:8-12

  3. A Very Long Task – Matthew 28:20

    1. A New Birth – John 3:3, 1 Corinthians 3:1

    2. Faith like a child – 1 Corinthians 13:11

    3. Growing up – Ephesians 4:15-16

    4. A Spiritual Parent – 1 Cor. 3:10-11, 1 Thess. 2:9-12

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 1/22/12

We are continuing our look at the four jobs of a disciple.  This week we are talking about what it means to imitate our Master, specifically His actions.  Notes are available below for you to follow along or for further study on your own.  I think we finally have the microphones all sorted out again, but please feel free to comment if you notice issues with the audio.  I don’t always listen to the whole sermon before posting it (actually I rarely listen to it all over again).  May God richly bless you through His Word

Being a Disciple

Sermon notes 1/22/12

  1. Four Jobs of a Disciple

    1. Memorize their teacher’s words – John 2:22; 15:20

    2. Learn the teacher’s traditions and interpretations– Luke 11:1

    3. Imitate their teacher’s actions – Luke 6:40

    4. To raise up disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

  2. Imitate the Teacher’s Actions – Luke 6:40 (Matthew 10:24-25)

    1. Do what He says – Luke 6:46-49

    2. Imitation Identification – Acts 11:19-26

    3. Learning His Habits – study them

    4. Taking on His Nature and Character

  3. What do we imitate? – Matthew 6-7

    1. Generosity

    2. Prayer

    3. Fasting

    4. Kingdom Focus

    5. Judgment (Isaiah 11:1-5)

    6. Love

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 1/15/12

We had a great time together this week as we continue to talk about the characteristics of disciples.  This week focuses on understanding Jesus’ teaching and what macaroni has to do with theological understanding.  The sermon outline is available below the audio bar.  May you be richly bless by God’s Word this week.

One further note: we have our new microphone, but the volume is a little hot on it this week so the audio is pretty loud.  I tried to process it down, but it was just a little much.  Sort of overcompensates for the quiet audio of the last few weeks.  I plan to have it worked out by next week.

Being a Disciple

Sermon notes 1/15/12

  1. Four Jobs of a Disciple

    1. Memorize their teacher’s words – John 2:22; 15:20

    2. Learn the teacher’s traditions and interpretations– Luke 11:1

    3. Imitate their teacher’s actions – Luke 6:40

    4. To raise up disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

  2. Learn the teacher’s traditions and interpretations

    1. Luke 11:1-4; 27-28

    2. The Macaroni Principle

    3. Understanding the Rabbi

  3. Two Examples of Theological Macaroni

    1. Jesus and the Law – Matthew 5:14-20

      1. Abolish and Fulfill

      2. Interpretations of the Torah – Matthew 5:21-48

      3. Be careful what you approve – Romans 14:22

    2. Hypocritical Pharisees – Matthew 23:1-36

      1. Understanding true hypocrisy

      2. Judgment and Justification

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Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

I meant to post this video on Friday.  I have watched several of these “Hitler spoof” videos over the last couple of years and I usually find them funny, but I am also usually disappointed that the person who makes them can’t understand that swearing (even in closed captioning) really isn’t as funny or creative as you can be with something like this.  Then along comes this and I smile and laugh and have to share.

My apologies to my friend Eric for any pain after your Steelers were taken out of the playoffs.  Perhaps this will soothe the wound.

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Tebow 316

I have noticed that a lot of people are spending a lot of time on the Tebow phenomenon.  Both sides, those who love it and those who hate it, are constantly throwing more wood into the fires and passions are running high.  I have no desire to add more fuel or to consume a lot of time talking about it, but I just wanna say a few things.  This will be a short post.

  1. Don’t get mad about the so-called “Tebowing” as a reference to prayer.  So what, big deal.  I doubt that God is getting all worked up over someone bowing their knee and not calling it by the right word.  Someday every knee is gonna bow anyway, it just looks like some are getting in some early practice.  My advice: stop getting offended over minor things.  It will save you a lot of ulcers and stress.  Besides, for those who are doing the whole thing in a mocking fashion, there are bigger problems for them (Galatians 6:7).
  2. Don’t read too much into things like Tebow’s stat line from a big improbable win.  By all means, have a little fun with it if you want, but don’t start looking for signs in a box score or stat sheet.  God has communicated pretty effectively without resorting to Tebow’s QB stats or passing yards.  But there is no harm in being amused or even thankful that so many people are checking out John 3:16 yet again thanks to Timmy.  Since no one is holding up those cute banners at games anymore that I have seen, this is the next best thing. 
  3. It’s OK to pull for Tebow.  I enjoy watching someone do what no one says can be done.  Mark Gungor has jokingly said that he should be the “patron saint” of marriage because he just never gives up.  I kind of like that.  It is fun to root for a guy who just won’t quit trying.  I think we can all relate to that a little bit.  I am not a Broncos fan.  I never really liked them at all.  But more and more, I think it would be fun to see them win the Super Bowl this year just because it would make a lot of people’s heads virtually explode at the incongruity of it all.  Besides, my Cowboys (whom everybody knows is America’s team even if God is currently smiting them) are out of it anyway so who else would I root for at this point.

There it is.  In typical pastor fashion, I have given you three points; now for the poem.

Roses are red

Broncos wear blue

Tebow wins games

What will you do?

P.S. This blog was intended as light humor.  If you are offended by this post then you have utterly missed the point.  Try rereading point number one again.  Rinse, read, repeat as often as necessary.

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 1/8/12

We had a great time in the Lord this morning.  The next four sermons (starting this morning) will all focus on the four traits of a disciple.  Today we talked about memorizing the Master’s teachings, as in memorizing the Word of God.  It was a fun service and I hope you are blessed by the sharing of the Word.

Please note that the wireless mic situation is close to being resolved.  I discovered that the old one had completely gone out and a new one is scheduled to arrive this week.  The audio quality for this week may not be perfect, but it should be OK.  One other note, the new blog format seems to have changed my outline style for some reason.

Being a Disciple

Sermon notes 1/8/12

  1. Four Jobs of a Disciple

    1. Memorize their teacher’s words – John 2:22; 15:20

    2. Learn the teacher’s traditions and interpretations– Luke 11:1

    3. Imitate their teacher’s actions – Luke 6:40

    4. To raise up disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

  2. Memorize the teacher’s words

    1. Psalm 119:11; Psalm 37:30-31

    2. Matthew 10:26-27

    3. Brother Yun and the Gospel

  3. Storing Up God’s Word

    1. What verses do you know already?

    2. What verses will you learn this year?

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One Word 365 – Anavah

I really appreciated the One Word 2011 thing more than I ever could have expected last year.  I figured I would give it another run this year, but something funny happened.  The word that has really hit home with me is not an English word at all.  The word anavah is a Hebrew word that recently crossed my path courtesy of a blog post I read a couple of weeks back.  The simple “one word” meaning of the word anavah  would best be conveyed as humility, but the word carries more depth than that really.  As I read the post, a chord was struck by this simple idea that defines this term as he paraphrased the concept from another source:

Humility is occupying our proper space, neither too much, nor too little.

I have given this a lot of thought over the last few weeks.  My initial thought was that I struggle with pride, but the more I considered this, the more I think it is the opposite.  I am uncomfortable taking pride in the talents that God has given me and the gifts that he has blessed me with as well.  I took stock of the times that I can remember when people have commented on these things and I have developed some “stock answers” that are essentially holy sounding deflections to avoid the issue.

I realize that I am not the first person to grapple with this concept.  Maybe there have even been songs written about it.  I am not sure what this word will look like for me in the year ahead.  But I am ready to embrace it. 


It shows up in this passage from Zephaniah 2:3:

3Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land,
who do his just commands;
 seek righteousness; seek humility;
perhaps you may be hidden
on the day of the anger of the LORD.

The word humility in this verse is the Hebrew word, anavah, and we are told to seek it.  So that is what I plan to do this year, seek anavah and what that looks like in my life of faith on the journey following the Master.  Thanks for sharing in it with me.

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I changed the layout for the church’s site a day or so ago and I thought I might experiment over here as well.  Tell me what you think of the new layout if you have an opinion one way or the other in the comments on this post.  In the meantime, I plan to have a new post up for the “One Word” for this year.  There is a word that came across my path a little over a month ago that really struck me and I am choosing to focus on that word this year.  It isn’t an English word, so it will take a little more explaining and that will come in a day or two if all goes according to plan.

I have several posts in the hopper in various states of completion also, so there should be some more content coming soon.  I pray that you are all having a wonderful start to the new year and that you all had a wonderful holiday season as well.  We had more blessings than we can count around here.  But that always seems to be the case.

Well, more to come soon.

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 1/1/12

We are off on the start of another new year.  I am excited to see what God has in store for all of  us in the coming year.  This sermon touches on that theme as well. May you be richly blessed through His Word.

I apologize for the audio issues on the recording.  It appears that we will have to break down and get a new wireless mic system.  I checked it before the service and it was working again (I put another new battery in it).  As soon as I got to the pulpit, I got nothing from it.  You will probably hear me very well when I am behind the pulpit, but I tend to wander.  Even still, I listened to parts of it and could hear OK.

Memorial Stones

Joshua 24:1-31

Sermon notes 1/1/12

  1. Remembering the Past – v. 1-13

    1. Heritage of faith

    2. Tests and trials

    3. Abundant blessings

  2. Marking the Present – v. 14-18, 25-28

    1. Make a choice – Hebrews 4:1-13

    2. Living day by day – Matthew 6:33-34

    3. Setting it in stone – v. 26-27

  3. Committing to the Future

    1. Plan to be guided – Proverbs 16:9; Jeremiah 10:23

    2. Walking Free – Psalm 119:44-45; John 8:31-38; Psalm 37:4-5; 23-24

    3. The Way – John 14:6; Jeremiah 6:16; Matthew 11:25-30

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