I changed the layout for the church’s site a day or so ago and I thought I might experiment over here as well.  Tell me what you think of the new layout if you have an opinion one way or the other in the comments on this post.  In the meantime, I plan to have a new post up for the “One Word” for this year.  There is a word that came across my path a little over a month ago that really struck me and I am choosing to focus on that word this year.  It isn’t an English word, so it will take a little more explaining and that will come in a day or two if all goes according to plan.

I have several posts in the hopper in various states of completion also, so there should be some more content coming soon.  I pray that you are all having a wonderful start to the new year and that you all had a wonderful holiday season as well.  We had more blessings than we can count around here.  But that always seems to be the case.

Well, more to come soon.

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2 thoughts on “Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes

  1. Looks great, Jeff!

    And I say that with all …anavah. 😀

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Steve.

    By the way, I am still reading over at your blog even if I don’t make as many comments. I haven’t had time to listen to most of the audio that you post and I wouldn’t feel right commenting on what I think it might have said without hearing what it actually says. Know what I mean? 🙂

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