Sunday Morning Sermon for 1/8/12

We had a great time in the Lord this morning.  The next four sermons (starting this morning) will all focus on the four traits of a disciple.  Today we talked about memorizing the Master’s teachings, as in memorizing the Word of God.  It was a fun service and I hope you are blessed by the sharing of the Word.

Please note that the wireless mic situation is close to being resolved.  I discovered that the old one had completely gone out and a new one is scheduled to arrive this week.  The audio quality for this week may not be perfect, but it should be OK.  One other note, the new blog format seems to have changed my outline style for some reason.

Being a Disciple

Sermon notes 1/8/12

  1. Four Jobs of a Disciple

    1. Memorize their teacher’s words – John 2:22; 15:20

    2. Learn the teacher’s traditions and interpretations– Luke 11:1

    3. Imitate their teacher’s actions – Luke 6:40

    4. To raise up disciples – Matthew 28:18-20

  2. Memorize the teacher’s words

    1. Psalm 119:11; Psalm 37:30-31

    2. Matthew 10:26-27

    3. Brother Yun and the Gospel

  3. Storing Up God’s Word

    1. What verses do you know already?

    2. What verses will you learn this year?

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