Tebow 316

I have noticed that a lot of people are spending a lot of time on the Tebow phenomenon.  Both sides, those who love it and those who hate it, are constantly throwing more wood into the fires and passions are running high.  I have no desire to add more fuel or to consume a lot of time talking about it, but I just wanna say a few things.  This will be a short post.

  1. Don’t get mad about the so-called “Tebowing” as a reference to prayer.  So what, big deal.  I doubt that God is getting all worked up over someone bowing their knee and not calling it by the right word.  Someday every knee is gonna bow anyway, it just looks like some are getting in some early practice.  My advice: stop getting offended over minor things.  It will save you a lot of ulcers and stress.  Besides, for those who are doing the whole thing in a mocking fashion, there are bigger problems for them (Galatians 6:7).
  2. Don’t read too much into things like Tebow’s stat line from a big improbable win.  By all means, have a little fun with it if you want, but don’t start looking for signs in a box score or stat sheet.  God has communicated pretty effectively without resorting to Tebow’s QB stats or passing yards.  But there is no harm in being amused or even thankful that so many people are checking out John 3:16 yet again thanks to Timmy.  Since no one is holding up those cute banners at games anymore that I have seen, this is the next best thing. 
  3. It’s OK to pull for Tebow.  I enjoy watching someone do what no one says can be done.  Mark Gungor has jokingly said that he should be the “patron saint” of marriage because he just never gives up.  I kind of like that.  It is fun to root for a guy who just won’t quit trying.  I think we can all relate to that a little bit.  I am not a Broncos fan.  I never really liked them at all.  But more and more, I think it would be fun to see them win the Super Bowl this year just because it would make a lot of people’s heads virtually explode at the incongruity of it all.  Besides, my Cowboys (whom everybody knows is America’s team even if God is currently smiting them) are out of it anyway so who else would I root for at this point.

There it is.  In typical pastor fashion, I have given you three points; now for the poem.

Roses are red

Broncos wear blue

Tebow wins games

What will you do?

P.S. This blog was intended as light humor.  If you are offended by this post then you have utterly missed the point.  Try rereading point number one again.  Rinse, read, repeat as often as necessary.

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10 thoughts on “Tebow 316

  1. I love the kid!

    But I don’t care for the praying on the street corner. I think it’s better in the prayer closet like we are told to do it.

    I think it makes a caracture out of Christians and helps to harden people’s hearts to Christianity.

    But I hope he keeps winning!

  2. I don’t agree that Tebow is capable of hardening people’s hearts to Christianity. That would be giving the guy way too much credit. People are going to be hard toward God or soft toward God regardless of Tebow’s demonstration of his faith. The caricature is going to come from the media and he has no control over that anyway.

    I honestly don’t have a problem with him kneeling down to pray in public either. Jesus commanded against giving “loud” prayers, but He was talking about those who pray for show to impress others. I do not get the sense from hearing Tebow speak that he is simply putting on some act for people to see. He has done this long before he was in the spotlight. It would be just as big a mistake to stop doing it at this point in my opinion.

    And like you, I hope he keeps on winning as well.

  3. Holy cow! We ARE kindred spirits! Bannerman?!!! I saw Taylor do this at Cornerstone in ’94. It was a hoot! More surprises every day, my brother…!

  4. That is too funny Darren. I always liked Bannerman, and I enjoyed Steve Taylor’s music for it quirkiness. Never have seen him in concert though. Have you ever heard the “lounge” version of that song? It is hilarious. I have it on a CD around here somewhere. The guy did lounge mixes of a bunch of contemporary Christian songs at that time, stuff like Flood and Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus and more.

  5. Lounge Freak by John Jonethis. I OWN IT. IT ROCKS.

    Ah… my long, lost brother. 🙂

  6. But here’s the REAL question… Swirling Eddies? (say ‘yes’…)

  7. Swirling Eddies? I think I have a CD (or maybe it is a tape) of theirs around here somewhere, but it has been a long time since I listened to it. In my memory, I think it was like a demo EP sort of thing (unless that was the Violet Burning one). I can picture the cover of the thing and it had these huge swirls of color on it that almost looked like a warped black hole or something.

    Please tell me you have heard of Raspberry Jam? (That would be absolutely crazy)

  8. The Swirling Eddies album you have was their first (Let’s Spin). The Eddies are actually an alias for the Daniel Amos band (my fav).

    In regard to Rapsberry Jam, yes. I had their (one and only?) album, Chi-Rho. I had totally forgotten about them!

    I used to publish a Christian music fanzine/magazine called “The Cross Walk” and reviewed all of this stuff, interviewed artists, etc. I used to be a walking Christian music encyclopedia.

  9. I had to find Chi-Rho on CD because I wore my tape of it completely out. Actually RJ did release another CD, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. Now I have a whole list of artists that I was thinking about: Hokus Pick Maneuver (sp?), Christafari, Jimmy A, Johnny Q. Public and some other off the wall groups too. I first started listening to CCM in the early 90s and had some terrifically eclectic tastes. All that said, my favorite artist is still probably Rich Mullins. Man, I miss hearing new stuff from him.

    I would love to talk music with you sometime.

  10. yes – i know all of those guys. some of my favs were (and still are) bands like: Daniel Amos, the 77s, the Choir, Adam Again, Lost Dogs, etc. I could go on for days. Yes, we definitely need to just have a good talk sometime. I’ll stop taking up your blog space now. 🙂


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