Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

I meant to post this video on Friday.  I have watched several of these “Hitler spoof” videos over the last couple of years and I usually find them funny, but I am also usually disappointed that the person who makes them can’t understand that swearing (even in closed captioning) really isn’t as funny or creative as you can be with something like this.  Then along comes this and I smile and laugh and have to share.

My apologies to my friend Eric for any pain after your Steelers were taken out of the playoffs.  Perhaps this will soothe the wound.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

  1. Eric

    That is about how I felt!
    Next time should clear the room first 😉

  2. As many times as I have seen this clip doctored up, I have no idea what the actual conversation is about. Well, Russia and Stalin I think are pretty clear. :O)
    I’ve wondered if the movie is any good with as many hits as this one scene gets.
    I know, off the point of your post but what are sisters for. 😛

  3. I can’t remember what the original movie is even called, but I have seen it mentioned before. The guys that made it tried to remove all of these parody clips at one point, which is a real mistake. They get loads of free publicity from these things when people get curious about the original film from seeing one of them.

  4. Fun stuff, Jeff!

    Thanks for posting it.

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