A Growing Sense of Anavah

Last year’s “one word” was growth.  I always had a sense that it was more than just a word for the year.  I even blogged about the fact that growth is integral to life itself.  If we aren’t growing, we start dying.  I am beginning to see that continue to play out in this year as well, as my understanding of anavah finds its way on the path.

There are a growing number of responsibilities that have been finding their way to me.  These are things that I really haven’t sought out, they just sort of happen before I realize it.  In fact, I am becoming extremely aware of the fact that my propensity to be willing to “serve” in whatever capacity is asked of me is going to have to come to a halt; if I wish to remain sane and able to see my family.  It used to be that no one asked much of me, so saying yes and being willing to serve wasn’t a big deal.  I had plenty of time to do those things.  Not anymore.

Beginning late last year, I suddenly found myself in a leadership position with the Dakota Baptist Convention and have picked up another role within the convention in the form of Disaster Relief work as well.  My wife and I have been promoted to the role of commander for our AWANA club here in Langdon this school year also.  All of this is stretching me and causing me to think more about this idea of anavah and filling my space.  Incidentally, and I suppose somewhat ironically, I have been given another exhortation by another doctor that I need to lose some more weight (which will have me filling up a little less space in a spatial sense).

All of this means that I am truly finding my proper space more than I ever imagined already this year.  It would seem that anavah is becoming more fitting than I would have ever guessed.  I am excited to see how God continues to use this awareness in the days to come.  I know many of the things that I anticipate on the horizon, but I know that He has things I cannot possible imagine in store as well.

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