Sunday Sermon Audio for 3/4/12

I am a little later than usual in getting audio posted for this week, but you get a bonus sermon as a reward for your patience.  This Sunday our church hosted the community Lenten service and I had the privilege of delivering the message.  The audio for that sermon is included just below the notes for the morning sermon (there are no notes for the evening message).  Our morning message this week was about forgiveness.  I put a label above each play bar to help keep them straight.  Notes are available below the play box.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Morning Service Audio

Talking About Forgiveness

Matthew 18:15-35

Sermon notes 3/4/12

  1. The Power of Community – v. 15-20

    1. Who is our brother

    2. Three steps to reconcile differences

      1. Person to person

      2. Presence of witnesses

      3. Role of the community – Binding and Loosing

  2. Seventy times Seven

    1. Seven times a day – Luke 17:3-4

    2. Seventy times Seven – Genesis 4:24

    3. Reversal of vengeance

  3. A Parable to drive home the point

    1. The connection between sin and debt

      1. Matthew 6:12 – debt

      2. Luke 11:4 – sins and debt

    2. A Terrifying Promise – Matthew 18:35

Evening Service Audio

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