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SBC Blog Madness Round Two – I Need Your Votes Again

Thanks to any and all of those who read here who took the time to go and vote for this blog in round one over at SBC Voices.  I am through to the round of Sixteen this year and so I need your support once again.  I ended up third in my region on the first round tallies, so I need a little more help this time around to advance to the Final Four of SBC Blue Collar Blogs.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Go to the post for the voting.
  2. Vote for Jeofurry’s Jesus Journey in the Golden Gate Regional, it is the first region listed this time.
  3. Vote in the other regions if you want.  (other region blogs who would like an endorsement from here can ask for it now).  I haven’t made up my mind who to vote for in any of those regions yet as it is a toss up for me between two in each of them.  P.S.  If you want a few good laughs, be sure and check out the comments on the post.  There are some real gems of strange and creative humor there already.
  4. Spread the word to Facebook or Twitter and lets see if we can really muster up a ton of votes.

Thanks again for indulging in the fun with us for another year.  Personally, I look at this as a bit of discovering my anavah, the space that I need to fill up this year.

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