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Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/22/12

It has been a great week in the Lord here at FBC Langdon.  We had a good time meeting together on Saturday to talk about the direction of our ministry as we move toward starting intentional small group discipleship in our church.  Sunday was a lot of fun as well.  One of our youth shared a song with us (which I unfortunately can’t put on here), but it was a blessing.  The message is about our mission from God, to make disciples.  I know we talk about it a lot, but that is only because it is the one main task that Jesus left for us to do.  May you be richly blessed through God’s Word and may you grow as a disciple of Jesus.

A Mission from God

2 Corinthians 5:11-6:11

Sermon notes 4/22/12

  1. Controlled by love – 2 Corinthians 5:11-15

    1. Knowing the fear of the Lord

    2. Compelled by Christ’s love

    3. Not living for ourselves

  2. Created anew – v. 16-21

    1. Old things have passed away

    2. A ministry of reconciliation

    3. Christ, our righteousness

  3. Consumed by our mission

    1. Now is the time

    2. A difficult path

    3. Living the conundrum

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/15/12

The sermon audio is later than normal this week because I have been a little distracted with several things going on.  This sermon is focused on the building of the body of Christ in the church.  Notes are available below the play button.  May God richly bless you through His Word this week.

Building Up the Body

Ephesians 4:11-16

Sermon notes 4/15/12

  1. Roles He will fill

    1. Apostles – sent ones

    2. Prophets – proclaim truth

    3. Evangelists – share the good news

    4. Shepherds – pastors – Jeremiah 3:15

    5. Teachers – instruct in truth

  2. A Body Equipped

    1. For the work of ministry

    2. For building up the body

    3. For maturing in faith

  3. Grow to be like Christ

    1. Love

    2. Each part doing its part

    3. Following Christ

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Shrouded Thinking

I came across this news item last week regarding the Shroud of Turin.  As we were sitting in Sunday School class yesterday with the youth at our church, we talked about it for a few minutes.  Of course, I realized that they had no idea what the Shroud of Turin even is, but that was pretty easy to explain.

The debate is still going as to the authenticity of the Shroud.  I am not firmly in either camp.  If it is genuine, that is certainly interesting and amazing, but it won’t make my faith any more firm than it already is.  I am completely convinced that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the strength of evidence that has nothing to do with the Shroud.  If it is shown to be fake or fabricated long after the fact, it will have no effect on me for the same reason.  But I did see this cockamamie new theory from an academic who is convinced that the Shroud is genuine, but who has taken that conclusion to a bizarre place.

Art historian Thomas de Wesselow is convinced the Shroud is real and did touch Christ’s body.

But the Cambridge academic insists that the image on the cloth fooled the Apostles into believing Christ had come back to life, and the Resurrection was in fact an optical illusion.

Please note that we are talking about an “art historian” so I am left to conclude that his biblical knowledge and scholarship is likely to be lacking.  The idea that the early disciples would be so amazed by an image on a cloth that they would treat it as if the man they had walked with was “living in the image” or whatever he wants to call it, is insulting to the intelligence of first century believers for one thing and insulting to the testimony of Scripture for another.

His theory is based on the worst kind of Bible “scholarship” and I put it in quotes because it isn’t very scholarly at all.  He takes one verse (ONE) as proof for his theory and apparently ignores the rest of the story.  He tries to assert that Paul claimed that the resurrection is “not about flesh and blood” in 1 Corinthians 15(verse 50 according to the article).  I am not sure what translation he is working from but he draws completely the wrong conclusion about what Paul is saying.  At the beginning of that very chapter, Paul asserts that the risen Jesus was seen by Cephas (Peter) and then the rest of the disciples, and then at least 500 others, and then James and the rest of the apostles (1 Corinthians 15:4-7).  These appearances are the parading of an image on a sheet.  These are appearances in person and in the flesh.  A different kind of flesh to be sure (he walked into locked and shut rooms), but flesh that ate and could be touched.  Read the Gospel accounts and picture a pair of disciples walking down the road when a giant bedsheet with a picture suddenly appears next to them and starts talking and you will see just how silly and ill read this “art historian” has to be.

Is the Shroud of Turin legitimate?  Maybe.  Is it possible that the disciples and the first century witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection were all looking at it and thinking that this was Jesus raised from the dead?  Not a chance.  Just picture one of them trying to give a piece of fish to a cloth and being fooled into thinking the sheet ate it.


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Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/8/12 – Happy Resurrection Day

We had a great time together in the Lord as we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  The sermon this week focuses in on the keystone passage of Isaiah 53 and the prophetic message it contains.  Feel free to follow along with the notes and to use them for further reference for personal study.  I am greatly indebted to those people who have studied these things before me.  May you be richly blessed through the Word of God and through the power of the resurrection.

The Suffering Servant

Sermon notes 4/8/12

  1. The Testimony of the Prophets

    1. Psalm 22

    2. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows;
      yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted.

    3. Isaiah 52:13-53:12

  2. The Teaching of the Apostles

    1. Isaiah 52:13-14 – Ephesians 1:19-23; Philippians 2:5-11

    2. Isaiah 52:15-53:1 – Romans 10:15-16

    3. Isaiah 53:3 – Acts 7:35

    4. Isaiah 53:9 – 1 Peter 2:21-24

    5. Isaiah 53:10-11 – Colossians 1:19-23; Hebrews 12:1-3

  3. The Truth of the Matter

    1. Death to Life – Romans 8:1-17

    2. The Intercessor – Isaiah 53:12; Romans 8:31-34

    3. The Message – Isaiah 52:6-7; Romans 10:8-13

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Pfunday Pmonday – Volume 3

At some point I suppose I will get back to more serious content on a regular basis.  I have certainly got some ideas for some serious posts in the works.  In the meantime, I still like to unload a few funny bits and pieces along the way.

So I was watching the Masters golf tourney yesterday, and I got a kick out of watching Phil Mickelson play a hole more like me than like a professional enroute to carding a triple bogey 6.  He made up for it by making sure the rest of his round looked nothing like the way I play, except for leaving putts short on a bunch of holes.  I am pretty good at that too.  But that wasn’t the story of the day for me.  I was actually watching from the beginning of CBS’s coverage and got to see Oosthuizen sink his once in a lifetime “albatross” at the second hole (video in the linked story for those who wish to see it or find out what in the world an albatross is in golfing lingo).  I can assure you that it isn’t anything like this.


But for the life of me, I couldn’t get this silly sketch out of my head from the moment he hit the shot until much later in the day.  Of course, here it is again to get stuck in your head.  Enjoy!  Of course, I won’t even comment about Bubba, other than to give him props for winning his first major.  Nothing quite like a guy named Bubba winning the ultimate Southern golfing event to bring a smile to the old face.

In stranger news, I ran across a story last week about a 10 story tree house, and all I could think was, “how cool would it be to live in that.”

Image courtesy of UK Daily Mail

It’s got its own little chapel, so we could even have church in there.  I love it.

And then I have the story that I have to include, not so much because it is funny but because I think it would be cool to see how long I could stand to be in absolute silence.  They say that no one has made it more than 45 minutes.  I think I could do it though.  I do know at least one person who would never make it that long.  My very talkative young daughter.  Silence is not golden for her, it really is unbearable.

Stay tuned.  I am working on a post about a recent story from academia regarding the Shroud of Turin.  It is kind of comical in that I don’t think these guys think through the implications of what they say, but I want to give it more than just an off the cuff laugh treatment.

Have a Pfun Pmonday.  (Brought to you by Price Pfister, the pfabulous pfaucet with the pfunny pname.

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/1/12

We had a great time this week as we gathered to worship the King of Kings.  The sermon this week is a little different sort of take on the story of Palm Sunday.  We talked a lot about the donkey of the Messiah and about service to the King.  I pray that you will be blessed through God’s Word as we encounter Jesus our Savior lowly and riding on a donkey.

The Donkey and the Messiah

Sermon notes 4/1/12

  1. John 12:12-16; Matthew 21:1-11

    1. The Donkey and the Colt

    2. Zechariah 9:9

      1. Genesis 22:1-5, Left outside Jerusalem

      2. Genesis 49:8-12

    3. The Matter of Donkeys

  2. Messiah Rides the Matter of the World

    1. Matthew 21:1-11

    2. John 1:14

    3. Being Messiah’s Donkey

  3. The First and Second Coming

    1. Daniel 7:13-14 and Zechariah 9:9

    2. Hastened in its time – Isaiah 60:19-22

    3. John 12:20-26 – Lose your life to serve

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Pfunday Pmonday – Week 2

Well, no one commented on whether they liked or didn’t like the silent P gag, so I am just going to run with it for now.  I figure the fun stuff belongs on Monday as a little extra pick me up for those who start the week off on a hard note for whatever reason.

If you have to laugh, I highly recommend this story out of Canada of a drunk man’s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.  I didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was when I read about it.  I won’t embed the video here.  The news story has a charm all its own.  Videos like this should be mandatory viewing to put people off of drinking for good.  One of the reasons I have never consumed alcohol myself is the fine displays of a few of my HS friends who aptly displayed the foolishness that resulted.  But those are stories for another time.

I had so much fun with the baseball stories last week that I saved another one.  My favorite team, the World Champion St Louis Cardinals, had a funny moment on the TV broadcasts during spring training.  A top prospect in the organization was labeled on TV as “Minor League Guy” when he came in to pinch run during a recent game.  You can see a photo of the screen capture by viewing the link.  I am looking forward to seeing how the new team comes together this year.  While I am sad to see Pujols go, I am glad to see Mike Matheny getting his first shot at a managing position.  May the Redbirds have a great year and get 12 in ’12.

In the list of truly laughable, I saw news that the NYC school district has issued a list of “banned words” that could be taken for an April Fool’s joke if it weren’t a little early for such craziness.  We wouldn’t want kids to be offended when they are taking a test after all.

And speaking of things that should be April Fool’s jokes, I saw a story on Fox News about a new push to promote “healthy eating” at church.

“A couple of years ago I came up with the idea that churches were sending people to heaven early because of all the food they served at church functions, like bacon and sausage and ice cream and donuts,” Dr. Amen, who is a Christian and a graduate of Oral Roberts University Medical School told  “I have been going to church since I was a little boy and the food in churches is just outrageous.”

This could turn into a non-funny rant if I am not careful, so I will try and save the rant for another post.  Rather, let me poke fun at this with a little bit of sardonic humor.  If we are sending people to heaven early, that would be a good thing:

A good name is better than precious ointment,
and the day of death than the day of birth.  – Ecclesiastes 7:1

To borrow a few words from my favorite singer/songwriter:

Don’t you get sick of health freaks? I always want to say, look Bud, you’re gonna die anyway. You may as well go out eating something that you like. (applause) What is the point of living to be a hundred and fifty if all you get to eat is bean sprouts? (laughter) I’ll never understand people, I’ll tell you…   – Rich Mullins (concert transcript)

Lighten up and live a little.  Let your Pmonday be blessed with Plaughter and Pfun.  And if you didn’t get enough laughs from today’s post, check out the fare from yesterday’s April Fool’s Day fun at SBC Voices.   All posts from April 1 are gag posts, including one contributed by me about the new list of banned words.

And if you need one more, I saw my favorite gag from ThinkGeek last night as well.

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