Sunday Morning Sermon for 2/10/13

I will be catching up on posting sermons. If you are seeing this after April 2013, then this doesn’t make any sense at all perhaps, but I am postdating the posts so that they will stay in the right order and on the right dates. I have had some computer issues that I have been working on so that I am able to do the audio posting in a more timely fashion, but it has resulted in a two month backlog of sermons. I will be getting them up shortly. Thanks to all of you who listen for being patient in the meantime. This is a continuation of our series about our church values/beliefs.  Click on the title for the notes below to go to the sermon audio or select the correct message from the player on the right hand side of the page here.

What We Believe: Benevolence

Matthew 25:31-46

Sermon notes 2/10/13

  1. Taking care of those in need

    1. The least of these

    2. Loving your neighbor – James 1:27; 2:8-9

  2. Faith that works – James 2:14-17

    1. Taking care of needs – Isaiah 58:6-12

    2. Do whatever you are able – James 4:17

    3. Entertaining Angels – Hebrews 13:1-3

  3. A Team Effort – Romans 12:1-13

    1. Sacrificing ourselves

    2. Working as one body

    3. Friendly competition – v. 10

    4. Overcoming evil with good – v. 21

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