Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/28/13

We have been seeing God at work in our midst at FBC Langdon and it is only fitting that we remember one of the main duties of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We are called to be His witnesses and to tell our story.  You can listen to the audio by clicking on the sermon “Tell Your Story” in the playlist at the right or by following this link.  Notes are below (I have filled in the names in the areas that I mention were blank) or at the audio site as a PDF.  May you be richly blessed through the Word and may you share that blessing by telling your story about Him.

Tell Your Story

Sermon notes 4/28/13

  1. Teaching – Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 20-25

    1. Training for ourselves

    2. Training the next generation

  2. Testimony – 1 Peter 3:8-17

    1. Sylvia

    2. Collin

    3. Clif

  3. Take it with you – Acts 1:8

    1. Into your homes

    2. Into your community

    3. Into the world

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/7/13

At the risk of overloading those who have been waiting, I am going to try and post several more sermons each day this week.  My plan is to be caught up to the current sermon by the end of this week (second week of June as I type this).  This is a sermon on being a disciple and more specifically the call of Jesus to His early disciples and how it pertains to us.  You can listen by choosing this sermon date in the player on the right or by following this link.  Notes are below or at the sermon audio site as well.  May you be richly blessed through the Word.

Fishers of Men

Matthew 4:18-22

Sermon notes 4/7/13

  1. Follow Me

    1. Making a decision

    2. John 12:25-26 – Wherever He leads

  2. I will make you

    1. Romans 12:1-2 – Transformation

    2. Ephesians 4:17-24

  3. Fishers of men

    1. Taking on His mission – Matthew 28:19-20

    2. Seeking and saving the lost – 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 4/1/12

We had a great time this week as we gathered to worship the King of Kings.  The sermon this week is a little different sort of take on the story of Palm Sunday.  We talked a lot about the donkey of the Messiah and about service to the King.  I pray that you will be blessed through God’s Word as we encounter Jesus our Savior lowly and riding on a donkey.

The Donkey and the Messiah

Sermon notes 4/1/12

  1. John 12:12-16; Matthew 21:1-11

    1. The Donkey and the Colt

    2. Zechariah 9:9

      1. Genesis 22:1-5, Left outside Jerusalem

      2. Genesis 49:8-12

    3. The Matter of Donkeys

  2. Messiah Rides the Matter of the World

    1. Matthew 21:1-11

    2. John 1:14

    3. Being Messiah’s Donkey

  3. The First and Second Coming

    1. Daniel 7:13-14 and Zechariah 9:9

    2. Hastened in its time – Isaiah 60:19-22

    3. John 12:20-26 – Lose your life to serve

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Sunday Morning Sermon for 9/25/11

This sermon continues on our theme of late – discipleship.  I used a storying method for this particular sermon which draws on the contents of three parables taught by Jesus.  The notes are available below the play button so you may follow along and/or use them for your own study.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

What Are You Doing?

Sermon notes 9/25/11

  1. The Laborers in the Field – Matthew 20:1-16

    1. The promise of wages

    2. The search to call

    3. The frustration of expectations

  2. The Contrast of Two Sons – Matthew 21:28-32

    1. Good intentions with no action

    2. Change of mind = change of behavior

  3. The Tale of the Talents – Matthew 25:14-30

    1. God knows our ability

    2. Faithful in a little

    3. A common theme – Matthew 20:6-7

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Sunday Morning 10/24/10

We had a wonderful time in the Lord this week.  My back pain cleared up enough to allow me to stand and preach the Word, which is an answered prayer and a blessing.  The message may sound a little muffled this week as it appears that the mic fell into my jacket at some point.  The audio is still understandable, so here it is.  Notes are below as well.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

Serving, Suffering, and Shepherding

Sermon notes 10/24/10

1 Peter 4:1-5:11


  1. Set Apart to Serve
    1. Being different – set apart – holy – v. 1-11
      1. Characteristics of the old man – v. 3-4
      2. Characteristics of the new man – v. 7-11
    2. Called to serve
      1. One another – v. 8-10
      2. Our God – v. 11
  2. Suffering for the faith
    1. Trials aren’t an “if,” they are a “when” – v. 12
      1. Trials bring blessing – v. 13-14
      2. Trials produce character – Hebrews 12:11 (2 Peter 1:5-8)
    2. Trust God’s timing and will in troubles – v. 19
  3. Shepherding the flock – 1 Peter 5:1-11
    1. Do it willingly – v. 2
    2. Be an example – v. 3
    3. Be humble – v. 6
    4. Be restored, confirmed, strengthened and established – v. 10
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