More Than Bread Devotional

For those who don’t know about the More Than Bread Devotional, it started back in 2001 if I remember right. My sister started it by sending it to a few friends and it quickly grew. I had filled in at times as a guest writer when needed. When she decided to discontinue writing the group I asked if she would allow me to continue it in her stead. I will continue to write the devotions on weekdays and possibly on a random weekend. The group is available by email through Yahoo groups where it started. But I post most of them online now as well.  Those posts are marked by the category of the same name.  So if you want to read them, just search that category.  I decided to give them a space of their own and have created a blog at to house them from now on.  Any future posts will be made to that site.  You can follow the link from here.

The More Than Bread devotionals are coming back to a computer near you.  I plan to resume writing on Monday 1/31/11 and continue posting every weekday, Lord willing.  If you wish to subscribe to them by email you will need to do so via the subscription feature at the blog site linked above as I will leave the Yahoo group alone going forward.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

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