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Review – The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple

Life is a funny thing sometimes.  As I have journeyed down the path of discipleship, I have found many things along the way that helped my journey: people, books, audio messages and video messages and music that have inspired me at various times.  In the last couple of years, I have gotten to know a brother in the Lord who sprang from the same hometown as I did; but whom I didn’t know in person at that time, even though I knew his siblings (and even graduated with one of them).  I first started reading Darren’s work on his blog, Digging with Darren, which you will notice is linked in the sidebar here.  Over the last couple of years, we have exchanged the occasional message on Facebook or in the comments at either his blog or mine; but that was the extent of the interaction, until I noticed his posts and musings on discipleship.

Discipleship has been a strong point of emphasis for me as a believer for a long time.  I have long held that one of the reasons that our churches struggle as they do is because of a lack of intentional discipleship on our part.  We have done an excellent job of trying to get as many converts as we possibly can, but we have little idea what to do beyond that other than to tell people to “come to church” and participate in whatever their church has on offer.  This is why I was intrigued and excited to read some of Darren’s ideas regarding discipleship and I am glad to see them placed into written form that can be shared with others.  The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple is a work worth checking out if you are interested in discipleship and how to make disciples.

Darren has done a wonderful job of taking some of the more recent works about how we make disciples and blended these ideas with the “ancient paths” of discipleship that have in many cases been lost or ignored.  Essentially, this booklet has been structured around a simple process of forming disciples in four areas: Dedication, Memorization, Imitation, and Replication.  I will not expound on them here as the booklet does a good job highlighting what is needed in each of these areas.  Let me simply say that this booklet is a quick and challenging read that will give you a clearer vision and some concrete, practical tools for working to become a disciple of our Master, if you are not one already; or else it will give you a framework for working with others who wish to become disciples as well.  After all, you cannot make disciples for Jesus if you are not a disciple of Jesus yourself.  I highly recommend this work for all who wish to undertake the lifelong journey to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Disclosure: Please note that I received a copy of this booklet as a thank you for my work in volunteering to help proof the text and format of the book.  I have included a link in the review to the site where the book is available for purchase at Emet HaTorah.

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The Emerging Picture Is Not Any Good

The flap is here.  Rob Bell’s book is out and based on what I hear and see, I don’t plan to waste valuable time reading it.  There were plenty of warning bells sounded a few weeks ago when the teaser video came out, but many asked to give the book a chance.  Well, when a MSNBC interviewer asks some straightforward questions and you fumble around in search of an answer, I am not impressed.  Bell looks and sounds like he is searching for the “good sounding answer” that will make folks happy.  When the host accuses Bell of “amending the gospel so that it is palatable,” Rob is just smiling and laughing.  The problem is that Rob is trying to have it both ways and won’t even admit it.  He says that “love will ultimately win in the end,” and when the host asks how that doesn’t make our decisions in the here and now essentially irrelevant, Bell says that “no, they really are relevant.”  Watch the video and see an example of someone who doesn’t know what the Gospel is all about talking to someone who may not believe it but at least understands it.  And yes, I do realize that Bahir’s first question is based on a false dichotomy, but that doesn’t seem to occur to Bell, which might be the most troubling thing of all.

One more piece on discernment that I will throw in as a bonus.  Lifeway has discontinued their practice of offering “Read With Discernment” disclaimers on some of the objectionable material they have chosen to sell.  I pray that their customers have better discernment of truth from fiction and fact from falsehood since Lifeway doesn’t want to bother with making such judgments.

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