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Life Is Precious, Life Is Sweet

I have got to get a couple of stories off of my mind and a few thoughts off my chest.  In the last couple of weeks I ran across two separate stories that made my blood boil and made me want to vomit as well.  I posted the video above, because I do believe that life is precious.  All life is precious.  Life is a miracle given by God and yet there seem to be some who are hellbent (I think that word is extremely apropos here) on cheapening life and destroying the miracles of God all around us.  Not content to question God or to mock Him, they see fit to try and metaphorically spit in His face while they are at it.

First up, the Dutch, who have been mocking away for years now at the very notion that life is precious or meaningful.  Not content to merely approve of doctors killing their patients for various reasons, they have now gone a step further to create a mobile unit to assist those patients whose doctors refused to go along with the suicide/homicide for whatever reason.

Every year 2,300 to 3,100 mercy killings are carried out in the Netherlands, although opponents of the practice claim the figure is much higher because many cases are not registered. The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) supports euthanasia in principle if there is no alternative, but has distanced itself from the NVVE initiative, arguing that giving it the name Life End will foster the idea that it is for those who it said are simply “weary of life” rather than those who are sick.

This time they have taken it so far that even some of those who are all for these murderous suicides have balked.  It will not be long, some claim that it already happens there, before these are not completely voluntary after all.

In another case, which is perhaps more appalling and should be trumpeted even more loudly perhaps; Oxford medical “ethicists” have determined that abortion is really no different than killing a newborn baby.  This is a DUH! moment if there ever was one as most pro-life folks have been making this argument for as long as the debate over abortion has been going on.  The real stomach-turner here is that the “ethicists” (I put that in quotes for a reason) logic leads them not toward the eradication of abortion but rather to the condoning of infanticide.  Go and read the article if you think you can.  I figure it is just one more nail in the coffin for when God finally says He has given us long enough.  They have extended the argument that made them OK with murder as long as it was inside the womb to encompass murder outside the womb.  They even go so far as to call newborn infants “potential persons.”

Here is the only good takeaway from this article.  They have finally agreed with us that an unborn child is no different than a child that has been born.  The fact that they are still willing to dehumanize it, tells anyone with a brain just how coldblooded and cruel the heart of the pro-abortion position is.  This isn’t about a woman’s right to choose; it is about justifying homicide in a way that makes it theoretically easier to look at yourself in the mirror the next day.  Abortion is murder.  Oxford “ethicists” have confirmed as much.

Just in case you think we haven’t crossed over the brink in our society, I offer you this story that I saw just within the last week.  A couple sued a hospital in Oregon because they had a baby that was born with Down syndrome,  They openly claimed that if they had known before it was born, they would have aborted the baby.  I might be a bit touchier on this subject as I lost a dear friend last summer who had Down syndrome.  He was a blessing to everyone that knew him.  The idea that any parent would think this way appalls me more than I can say.  The article says that they have received death threats (which is also appalling).  My only hope is that they never have to explain to this dear sweet child why they filed suit over the very fact that she was given life.  Used to be that children were considered a blessing.  What a sad day we have reached when for so many life either neither precious or sweet.

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