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Pfunday Pmonday

I have decided that I am going to go ahead and try the silent P thing and see how it works for me.  Amazingly, I was able to hold a few more stories in reserve to bring out a few more chuckles for the beginning of your week.  I will get to the humor in a minute, but I wanted to thank you all for voting for me this year in the Blog Madness.  I checked the vote tallies earlier this evening with no expectation that I would be close, but you know what; I clearly overestimated my chances.  The winner in my region had more than double my vote total and had nearly double the total of any other region’s leading vote getter as well.  Even if I combined my vote total with the total number of votes of the winner of any of the other three regions, I would still come in second in mine.  Maybe I will get a better draw next year.  In the meantime, I know how several other basketball teams feel after this weekend.

On that note, let’s get in some fun stuff.  I found this story while reading at the end of last week and I can’t stop laughing at the video.  Someone should perhaps clue our esteemed president in on the fact that other nations can see him on TV even when he isn’t meeting with their leaders.  The Danish press certainly got a kick out of the fact that he has lost any pretense of originality in his compliments to other nations.  This video clip is on the site with the story, but I will embed it here as well.  Either way, you simply have to watch this video.  If he keeps this up I may repost my parody song from a year or so ago.

A couple of MLB stories hit the scene last week that made me laugh as well.  First, is a case of mistaken identity.  I suppose it can be confusing when two pro ballplayers have the same name to be sure, but can it be that hard to get the right checks to the right place when they aren’t even in the same organization?  My only real question is if one of those other Jeff Musgrave guys that are out there (one of them is even a pastor) could accidentally send a little extra cash my way.  I would be willing to return it (although a reward would be nice).  Other big league players are costing themselves money all the time in other ways.  Injury-prone Job Chamberlain managed to hurt himself again, this time jumping on a trampoline with his son.  If he has this on video, he could pull the daily double and maybe win of America’s Funniest Home Videos as well as one of those gruesome sports injury highlight shows.

Last but not least for the new Pmonday version of Pfun stuff, I know you probably don’t read all the terms and conditions on every single piece of software and website; but I am also sure you have never bothered to count how many words there are in the crazy things.  Now I am no Shakespeare, and I am certainly no lawyer; but I am not surprised to find out who is the more verbose between the two.  Unfortunately, lawyers use a lot more words to say nothing at all, as proved by some intrepid researchers.  Paypal spends more words than the entirety of Macbeth and iTunes outdoes Hamlet for word count.  There are all kinds of jokes available for this.  But the best one I can think of is my opinion of lawyers and these T and C’s in general.  They are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Incompetence, Ignorance or Intentionality

I don’t spend a whole lot more time thinking about politics than I have to anymore these days.  I try to stay informed for my duty as a citizen of the United States and as a voter, but I don’t stay immersed in politics like I used to when I was younger.  That said, I keep seeing stories about President Obama that just make it hard to ignore that they have a serious problem up there in Washington D.C.

The latest round of unbelievable absurdity comes courtesy of the Easter season.  Let me give you two stories and you be the judge.  Is this the result of incompetence, ignorance or is this intentional?

First, the White House neglected to put out an official  Easter message.  Turns out they were able to remember Good Friday Earth Day but seemingly blanked on making any kind of statement about Easter.  Maybe it is better this way considering the mess they made of it last year.

In 2010, Obama was criticized for releasing an all-inclusive Easter greeting. He reached out to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and people of no faith at all in a statement about a holiday that is uniquely Christian.

This is the man that some people suspect is a “secret Muslim” and not a real Christian despite his statements to the contrary, so surely the ignoring Easter thing is just an attempt to avoid making “religious statements.”

By comparison, the White House has released statements recognizing the observance of major Muslim holidays and released statements in 2010 on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha.

The White House  . . . did release an eight-paragraph statement heralding Earth Day. Likewise, the president’s weekend address mentioned neither Good Friday or Easter.*

But wait, Obama finally went to church as President.  Of course, he wanted to avoid any potentially controversial type of church like that one in Illinois that caused so much trouble for him in the 2008 campaign.

“[Pastor Smith] talked about how his baby grandson’s gurgling is actually “talking” because he is saying ‘I am here … they tried to write me off as 3/5 a person in the Constitution, but I am here right now … and is saying I am not going to let anybody from stopping me from being what God wants me to be.'”

An interesting tidbit to throw into an Easter sermon but surely that is just a quirky thing since his grandson was there for the first time.  Surely, Obama didn’t pick another church with a pastor who has a history of making inflammatory statements from the pulpit.  Did he?

No great research team was needed to uncover what comes next.  The fact that a YouTube search immediately grants the answer only underscores how astronomically inept/lazy/biased the media can be.  This is in fact another pastor who sees racism around every corner, preaches white hatred, and equates talk radio with the Klan, specifically mentioning Rush.

Oh, he did.  I just have to know.  Is this the result of incompetence (i.e. the people who advise Obama and Obama himself don’t investigate these things ahead of time), ignorance (i.e. they are truly clueless that such things could be seen as bad or malicious) or intentional (i.e. this is who he really is and they just hope people don’t realize it)?

What do you think?  With this much evidence piling up, it appears that the charitable “benefit of the doubt” is less and less of an option for even the most staunch defenders of the president.

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A Little Bit of Truth Would Be Nice

It was Jesus who said that the “truth shall set you free.”  At the risk of overgeneralizing, I think more politicians could stand to learn that truth.  I have written in the past about the Obama birth certificate.  In the time that has passed since, the waters have only gotten murkier not clearer.  There is still no long-form birth certificate that has been released and the officials who claim to have seen it (or something like it since they are intentionally vague even about what they have on record) are now resorting to lying about why they won’t make it public.

It was in an interview with MSNBC that Fukino asserted that the state issues only short-form Certifications of Live Birth.

“What he got, everybody got,” Fukino said in the interview. “He put out exactly what everybody gets when they ask for a birth certificate.”

Joshua Wisch of the Hawaii attorney general’s office went further, telling MSNBC the original document belongs to the state and cannot be released to anyone – or copied by anyone.

“It’s a Department of Health record and it can’t be released to anybody,” he told MSNBC, saying there are no provisions that authorize copying such records.

I can only speculate that whatever the truth is about his birth certificate; it must be far more damaging or problematic than the kabuki dance they are putting on now.  The fact that their claims are easily falsifiable just adds to the embarrassment.

“Danae” obtained her long-form, hospital-generated certificate of birth to win a $200 bet with another FreeRepublic participant operating under the username “james777.” The dare was for someone to prove he or she could get a long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii DOH after 2001, when the Hawaii DOH went electronic and agency spokeswoman Janice Okubo claimed the department quit issuing such documents.

The Hawaii Revised Statutes, Paragraph 38-13(a) specifies that the agency “shall, upon request, furnish an applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.” Further, subparagraph C allows that copies of birth certificates “may be made by photograph, dry copy reproduction, typing, computer printout or other process approved by the director of health.”

Others have obtained long-form birth certificates from Hawaii,  according to a report in “The Post & Email” blog by Miki Booth.

I know that honesty might be too much to expect from a politician in some people’s opinion, but I think we need to demand the truth of this situation.  After all, it’s just a piece of paper.

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Fun Stuff for Friday

I have a couple of funny things to toss in for the weekend ahead.  You can be the judge of whether or not it is funny sad or haha funny.  I tend to have a dark sense of humor at times.

First is the amazing luminescence of our fellow citizens in the US.  Apparently it is a good thing that most are citizens by birth and not based on their knowledge of the country.  I say the original story, but this author manages to work in a joke about the 57 states and such, so it is pretty clever.  Speaking of 57 states, since he still can’t find his birth certificate and no one else knows where it is either, maybe we should have Obama take the test.

The next story isn’t quite as light although I challenge you to watch the video without watching.  Japan has produced a cartoon to help their kids understand the nuclear crisis.  I don’t think I have ever heard Chernobyl referred to as “diarrhea” before, but you will have to watch the video to get it.  Speaking of which, on the serious note, as you watch the video, I would also encourage you to pray for the people of Japan.  Not out of thankfulness for the benefits derived from “nuclear boy,” rather pray that the people of Japan would hear about Jesus and the God that made them and loves them.

Last but not least, thanks again to everyone who voted for me in the Blog Madness 2011 at SBC Voices.  I didn’t make it to the next round (Steve, you have to become a Lutheran now :)), but I had a lot of fun.  I ended up in sixth place in my region just shy of 50 votes total.

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