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Christmastime is here. It’s our first Christmas away from family. We have enjoyed the holiday. The boys are excited with all of their new toys. Amelia has been doing all of the cooking and everything has been awesome. I help when I am asked, but she does really well so I don’t get asked for help much. We have pictures of the boys that I will put on our main website. Also I am going to send out a special Christmas newsletter sometime today.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. – 2 Corinthians 9:15

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Well, the Christmas season is upon us. We are spending our first Christmas ever away from family, but we are excited about what God is doing in our life. Our year has been an incredible journey of faith with God proving Himself faithful over and over again. I am humbled beyond measure at what God has done with us this year.

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God is so good. I got the job offer today so I will start training a week from Monday. Everything is moving in perfect timing. Thanks for your prayers as we have gone through this time of God’s faithful provision. Make no mistake, God is faithful. We have received almost $1900 this month. Most of that was not expected when the month started. A special thank you to Concord Baptist Church, our church family in Arkansas, who have been generous beyond words this month. We love everyone there and we do miss you all. But God has called us to a special place and we feel priviledged to serve Him here in South Dakota. You guys are welcome to visit us here anytime. Just call ahead and we will put you up in our house if you want.

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Well, I had a good job interview this morning. I will know by Monday if I got the job. Training would start on the 29th, and my insurance would begin on March 1st. Which is of course, perfect timing. God is so good. I will keep you updated here.

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Good news on the job front. I have a second interview tomorrow at ASI. I will post an update tomorrow night to let everyone know how it goes. Also, we found out we have until the middle of January to get moved to a new place. Once again, God is right on time with everything that is going on. Thanks for your prayers.

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I have finished the newsletter for the month. I meant to get it by the end of November, but I got sidetracked by Thanksgiving and family visiting and all. I went to the REAP revival service at Temple Baptist Church tonight. God touched my heart in a special way. I felt very priviledged to have been a part of a great time of worship this evening. I feel a renewed sense of purpose as we wind down this year and start 2004.

Dr. Freeman Burns is in town as a possible Intentional Interim Pastor for Westside Baptist. I spent part of the day at the church boxing up books in my office in preparation for a move. Things look very positive and I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow. There is a real sense that God is moving and bringing us forward again, after we spun our wheels for a bit.

I want to record a special thank you our church family at Concord Baptist Church in Van Buren, AR for their extraordinary giving during this month. Also, I want to include a thank you to First Baptist Church in Springdale, AR for their gift to our ministry this month. God has used these gifts in His perfect timing to get us just what we needed; right when we need it most.

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I have had a tough time finding a chance to update here, between a job search, the Thanksgiving holiday, ect. So I am going to try and get this caught up. I have done some skills testing for a local Temp agency so hopefully that will result in some work soon. I am still applying for other jobs as I find them. I went by another place today. Pray that God would put me in the right place. Still no headway on the support network. We have just two churches supporting us at the present.

I am planning on getting our next newsletter out this week, so keep your eyes open for that.

My sister and parents were here for Thanksgiving which was a great boost to me. It was so good to have them here for a few days. I know the boys and Amelia also enjoyed the visit very much.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. We feel so priviledged to be called by God to be a part of His work in South Dakota, and you are a part of this ministry with your prayers and financial support.

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