Odd Bits

Since I don’t have any other way to classify this post of a collection of random stuff; I just titled it odd bits.

As my Facebook status update to the right has alluded; I have had some medical tests done recently.  I am still awaiting any sort of word on results and don’t have much to say about it in the meantime.  I have had to make some dietary changes to up fiber intake and cut out some other things (notably caffeine and fried, fatty foods), and I am adjusting to that slowly.  I have actually lost a few more pounds with the changes so that is a good thing.  I will post some more info as I get it and as is appropriate.  In the meantime, I appreciate your prayers for me in this.

In other news, I see today where the US ponzi scheme otherwise known as Social Security has reached a new tipping point where outflow will exceed intake. This is always the death knell of a ponzi scheme and is just one more bad sign for the future of the US as we have known it.

The recently passed health care bill is another sign that we are no longer the nation that most people thought we were.  This comment from Rep. Dingle is further proof of the endgame they have in sight to “control the people.” (Listen for it at the end of the clip.)

And on a lighter note, the recent performances of CNN anchors on Jeopardy is one more indication of why nobody watches that network anymore.  As if the shellacking that Wolf Blitzer took isn’t enough; Anderson Cooper lost to Cheech Marin.

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4 thoughts on “Odd Bits

  1. max

    Anderson Cooper is the only cable news show host who has won on Jeopardy. He blew away his competition, a former congressman and a CNBC reporter, on his prior appearance.

    Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC both lost Jeopardy. The only FOX News host who has risked an appearance, Gretchen Carlson, was completely decimated by comedian Al Franken and her performance through the game was much, much, much worse than Cooper’s performance in his losing game.

  2. Are you Anderson’s press agent or something? This was a really quick response after I posted this; from someone who has never commented here before. I thought it was obvious that I was poking a little fun at this story. Really, I think you are being a little oversensitive here.

    You were almost as desperate to point out that Anderson had won before as he was in the clip. I guess the only reason he won before is that he didn’t have to face someone as smart as Cheech, or maybe he just had a bad day with the buzzer (yet another joke if you can’t tell).

    I don’t know how citing Chris and Keith contradicts my joke as almost no one watches their network either. And as for the Al Franken matter; I am sure he has all kinds of trivial and/or book smarts. Where he is totally lacking is wisdom (i.e. common sense), which Jeopardy isn’t designed to measure in any case.

    By the way, I am no cable news network junkie and don’t really watch Fox that much either. Lighten up a little Max. It will be good for you.

  3. Ahh… anonymous troll commenter! You’ve hit the mother load of sensitivity.
    I think my favorite part was Cheech saying “damning them with faint praise” regarding the other anchors.
    TOO funny B! :O)

  4. It was really a funny clip. The sad thing is that it has probably been seen by more people on youtube in any given day than it was when it was shown on CNN.

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