Sunday Morning 8/8/10

We had a good time in the Lord on Sunday morning.  The sermons continue to come from the book of Acts and this one focuses on the Damascus road experience of Saul.  Push play below to listen and feel free to follow along in the notes.  May God richly bless you through His Word.

A Damascus Road Experience

Sermon notes 8/8/10

Acts 9:1-31

  1. Kicking against the goads
    1. Working with the Sadducees
      1. Against the council of Gamaliel, his teacher (Acts 22:3)
      2. Acts 5:33-40
    2. The wisdom of God’s Word as a goad
    3. Goads are used to direct the path (in the Way)
  2. Once was blind, but now I see
    1. Ananias had a vision from God – Acts 9:10-19
      1. Devout man of God – Acts 22:19
      2. Followed the Law and well respected by Jews there
    2. Measure for measure – v. 16
    3. This is not a conversion away from Judaism for Paul
      1. Jewish Messiah
      2. Jewish way of life – Acts 21:24; 22:3
        1. Acts 22:14-16 (God of our fathers)
        2. Praying in the Temple – Acts 22:17
  3. The persecutor becomes the persecuted – Acts 9:20-31
    1. Dismantling his old counter-arguments – v. 20-22
    2. Debating the Hellenists – v. 28-30
    3. Building up the church – v. 3
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